Monday, June 20, 2016


I am proud of my writing because I have put in allot of effort. I put in information and detail. I put a list so you know what you need and can make a mould experiment. Something that challenged me was putting the list together and putting the words in the right order. I had to use my perseverance muscles because it was tricky to get all the information in the right order so the person who makes it can follow them.

                         Procedural writing
WALT write instructions for the reader to follow
Success Criteria
Give an explanation about how the instructions will help you (introduction)
Write an equipment or ingredients list
Begin each instruction with a verb (an action word)
Use specific vocabulary
Order instructions so they are easy to follow
                        Emily and growing mould
Have you ever grown your own revolting fluffy mould? Well if you have not you need to make some now. But you need a towel or a cloth and you should put it around your mouth and nose when you are creating your mould because it could get you sick if you breathe it in.
 Some mould are good like penicillin and blue cheese. Tree mould dose an important job they
help the tree’s stay alive and food mould can make you sick if you breathe it in. Mould is like plants that grow on food. Mould color is brown,black and green some may be different. Blue vein  cheese is like penicillin and could help you stay alive. Making mould is fun but not easy but have fun making your mould.
                                              For testing moisture

  • A sharpie
  • 3 containers with lids
  • 3 pieces of the same food
  • 3 Labels
  • 1 magnifying glass
  • water

  1. Put the labels on container (wet, moist, dry)
  2. Place one piece of  food in each of the container
  3. If you're doing wet you wet it a one piece of food and if you're doing moist you put your hand in the water and put the drips from your fingers. You leave the other one dry.
  4. Click the lids tightly shut
  5. Keep the containers somewhere safe  
  6. Watch them carefully each  day
  7. Grab a magnfing glass and look at it
  8. Don’t put your mould up to your face

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